Crafts to Make with Hymnal Pages


Yesterday I listed several vintage and antique hymnals in my Etsy shop, and I had a friend ask, “but what would someone do with an old hymnal…?”

Besides simply enjoying looking through it and being reminded of many of the traditional hymns that are no longer sung at church services, there are many wonderful ways you can repurpose them. In a way, repurposing will actually extend their “life.” Something like an old hymnal that may be worn thin and have no value to most people can be turned into things that will be used and treasured for years to come. Below are just a few of the neat crafts I found on Pinterest that use hymnal pages.

One of my favorites, Miss Mustard Seed used old hymnal pages on a lovely dresser:

Music Sheet Dresser....I would like to do this with some of the old hymnals I have
On AJ’s Trash to Treasure Blog, you can see that just about anything can get covered in hymnal pages, including lamp shades: 
10,7,10 CA projects110  SPECIAL HINT FOR LAMP SHADES:  Paper the INSIDE as well as the outside.  When the light shines through, all you seams and overlaps are OVERLY obvious.  By double layering your paper (one layer outside and one layer inside) it will minimize this.
The Picadilly Post turns hymnal pages in works of art:
I love this -- I think I would use the hymn 'The Old Rugged Cross' or 'In The Garden' or 'It Is Well With My Soul'...
Christmas ornaments seem like something doable even for the beginning crafter. These were found on Houzz
IDEA:  Hang on dining room window latches    in love with these diy cloth ornaments and color scheme for sun-room - all year
Use them to make a wreath. Here’s a How-To from HomeTalk:
A Hymnal Page Wreath :: Hometalk
Here’s an old blog post of mine where I used hymnal pages in a painting:
In my opinion the easiest and cheapest way to use hymnal pages is to simply frame them! In my home I have this framed song in our guest bedroom: 
Now let your imagination flow! 
Tips: You can link back to all sources. Hover in each introductory sentence to find the link.  If you are interested in purchasing one of the hymnals in my shop to use for a project or just to keep, go HERE. (Listed under “Books” on the left.) Depending on the day there’s usually 2 to 20 available. I’m happy to check a hymnal if you’re looking for a particular song, year, or church affiliation. 


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10 thoughts on “Crafts to Make with Hymnal Pages

  1. I collect old hymnals. Love these crafts with vintage hymnal pages. Grew up singing in church, my daddy was and still is the song leader. He is 86. I call him the walking song book. Keep up the inspiration. God Bless


  2. Actually they are still being sung at many traditional services in a lot of churches today. And Bible Study Fellowship International sings only hymns of the faith weekly. I have 15 hymnals and love to play them on my piano. I can probably play over 100 by memory. These crafts are very special and one way to maintain the memory in our homes and for gifts!


  3. I know this post is a few years old, but that’s the great thing about Pinterest, you can find inspiration easily no matter when it was posted. I have become the wedding planner for my son’s upcoming wedding because the couple live out of state. They’re “coming home” to get married in our family church. Very sweet, but Mom is now in charge of a Rock N Roll themed wedding and reception for 75 guests! I have made paper roses from hymnal pages and paper bows for flowers. I’ve made hymnal page vases for every pew in the church to be filled with baby’s breath and flowers. Centerpieces for reception tables all have vases with hymnal page hearts on them and hymnal page table runners the length of every table. The wedding is 1 week away and I’m exhausted, but I have put together a nicely decorated wedding and reception using old hymnal pages and saved alot of money.


  4. It is challenging for me as an artist to cut up sheet music, so in my work of making origami flowers from sheet music or hymnal pages, i make printer copies of the music i love, or a customer prefers. Now if someone else supplies loose hymnal pages i would use those. I have the same problem using hardbound book pages, so i try to find soft cover books to use for my flowers. Your ideas are charming. Thank you. Karen


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