Shopping Your Own Home for Halloween

Shopping Your Own Home for Halloween

Ideas for Shopping Your Own Home for Halloween

Crafts to Make with Hymnal Pages

// I listed several vintage and antique hymnals in my Etsy shop, and I had a friend ask, "but what would someone do with an old hymnal...?"Besides simply enjoying looking through it and being reminded of many of the traditional hymns that are no longer sung at church services, there are many wonderful ways you [...]

Natural Christmas Decorations

// decorations inspired by nature can be very beautiful! Whether simple or extravagant, using natural elements is something easily done. Some materials that you may want to consider are fruit, pine cones, acorns, nuts, raw cotton, twine, jute, burlap, wood, berries, branches, feathers, and dried or fresh flowers. Here are just a few examples to [...]

Atlanta Fall Bucket List

//, the Southerners' reward for surviving summer. I've never met a Southerner that doesn't like love October. Honestly! Would such a person be human? Despite having 31 days, and sometimes 5 glorious weekends, there never seems to be enough October to go around. Unless I schedule our October days to make the most of the cool things [...]

Use a Screen Door for an Organizer, Room Divider, or Craft Show Display

// wanted to share this screen door that we use a lot. Over time this has evolved into something that I've changed to be functional and beautiful.I currently use something similar in my antiques booth to display items on, but here you can see that you can create a home organizational piece with a screen door. [...]

Once You Go Black: The Dirty Details on Painting Doors

A few days ago I posted some before & after pictures of my painted black doors. I love how it looks. It's completely changed the feel of the rooms. Despite how much I grumbled about it, I'm glad I did it.I've gotten mostly positive feedback. It was a little funny when my mom commented, "What made you [...]

Distressed White China Cabinet with Homemade "Chalk" Paint

Deadlines. Due dates. Time Frames. I work well under pressure. I know this about myself, so I've given myself unmovable deadlines to make sure I get stuff done. This fall I didn't participate in any antique fairs. The kids' sports schedules and Ken's work schedule were a little chaotic, and I didn't think that fairs [...]

The Gospel Truth

Have you ever unintentionally collected something? One minute you have one extra casserole dish/figurine/pound and the next you have twenty? (Hey, I know I'm not the only person to have unintentionally collected twenty pounds at some point!!)I have unintentionally collected antique and vintage hymnals. I mean to say, I didn't set out to collect them. [...]