My first, and the rest is history…

My first, and the rest is history…

The first antique I ever bought, and the rest is history.

Our Easter Mantel

// thought I'd share a few photos of our Easter mantel this year. If you've read my past posts then you know that I like to decorate by "shopping" my house for items I can use. I always gravitate towards shopping for items of specific color. This time I was on the hunt for blue.To [...]

Crafts to Make with Hymnal Pages

// I listed several vintage and antique hymnals in my Etsy shop, and I had a friend ask, "but what would someone do with an old hymnal...?"Besides simply enjoying looking through it and being reminded of many of the traditional hymns that are no longer sung at church services, there are many wonderful ways you [...]

The Gospel Truth

Have you ever unintentionally collected something? One minute you have one extra casserole dish/figurine/pound and the next you have twenty? (Hey, I know I'm not the only person to have unintentionally collected twenty pounds at some point!!)I have unintentionally collected antique and vintage hymnals. I mean to say, I didn't set out to collect them. [...]

One for the Books

I have a love of books and reading that crosses over into my vintage/antique obsession. I devour a good book. A good series of books is truly dangerous. There may not be any clean clothes or meals served until the series is done. Sad, but simply true.Sometimes I buy old books because it's written by a well known [...]