Circle of Love (Okay, a wreath.)

I really wanted a wreath to put up for Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t find any in the stores that weren’t metallic looking. That wasn’t the look I wanted this year, so I found some inspiration on Pinterest, of course!

My inspiration was this wreath by Sweet Daisy Designs.

I started by painting my grapevine wreath with Krylon’s “Ballet Pink.”
Darice GPV8 Grapevine Wreath 8″ Bulk (Google Affiliate Ad)

Next, I dug up some ribbon that I already had from other projects. The lace ribbon was a scrap that I got from Goodwill. The burlap ribbon was purchased from It’s the same ribbon that I used in this project. I cut a piece of burlap ribbon the same length as the lace, and then I layered them. I am using this as my wreath hanger, as you’ll see.

Next, I wanted to make some flowers like the inspiration wreath has. I started by using some sweet rose flower buttons that I picked up at Walmart. They match the paint color almost exactly. My sweet girl even asked me if I had painted them that color to match. I put a floral wire through the button hole and gave it a twist.

I wrapped some more burlap around the wire, hot glued it, and then started making folds (petals) and hot gluing them around the wire.

I wanted a lace flower, too, but I was out of the lace ribbon. So I took a scrap of lace fabric I already had (picked up at a St.Vincent De Paul thrift store) and cut a length of it in the same width as the burlap ribbon. Then, minus the button center, I made a lace flower in the same way as the burlap flower.

After I was done with my flowers, I took the long end of the floral wire and poked it through the wreath where I wanted the flower. I twisted the wires onto the wreath and then cut the excess wire off with my wire cutters. (I’m telling you, I use those things all of the time! Don’t forget what tools you’ll need to get started!)

Here is the finished product:

I think I might actually use this for Spring or Easter, too.

Hope you likey!


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