Spring Wreaths

 I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted! There are several reasons, but the main one is that the flu hit our house hard. The females stayed healthy, while the guys were stuck in bed. Taking care of sick people is a lot of work!

Another reason is that, well, blogging can be hard! Blogging, in itself, can be a full time job. I know that some of the bloggers that inspire me are putting in long hours, and I have an appreciation of that. My brain (and attitude) needed a little break from blogging.

I have been busy, though! Sometimes when I get bogged down by the list of big projects that I need to get done, or the storehouse of furniture in my garage that needs to be refinished, it feels really good to have a project that I can get done from start to finish in a few hours.

I’m ready for spring, can you tell?

Flowers with sparkle, a songbird with her nest, some sweet blue and white baker’s twine. Even on a gray day, this wreath puts a pop of spring in your day!

Here’s a similar version, but in pink. I forgot to get a picture of it after I added the nest and the rhinestones. But you can get the idea.

I thought this one turned out so sweet. The antiqued pearl accents added the perfect touch on the lace ribbon on the left.

Do you know what’s better than burlap????

Colored burlap. True story!

I hope you like them!
If you’re looking for baker’s twine, here is a great set:

Circle of Love (Okay, a wreath.)

I really wanted a wreath to put up for Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t find any in the stores that weren’t metallic looking. That wasn’t the look I wanted this year, so I found some inspiration on Pinterest, of course!

My inspiration was this wreath by Sweet Daisy Designs.


I started by painting my grapevine wreath with Krylon’s “Ballet Pink.”
Darice GPV8 Grapevine Wreath 8″ Bulk (Google Affiliate Ad)

Next, I dug up some ribbon that I already had from other projects. The lace ribbon was a scrap that I got from Goodwill. The burlap ribbon was purchased from Save-on-crafts.com. It’s the same ribbon that I used in this project. I cut a piece of burlap ribbon the same length as the lace, and then I layered them. I am using this as my wreath hanger, as you’ll see.

Next, I wanted to make some flowers like the inspiration wreath has. I started by using some sweet rose flower buttons that I picked up at Walmart. They match the paint color almost exactly. My sweet girl even asked me if I had painted them that color to match. I put a floral wire through the button hole and gave it a twist.

I wrapped some more burlap around the wire, hot glued it, and then started making folds (petals) and hot gluing them around the wire.

I wanted a lace flower, too, but I was out of the lace ribbon. So I took a scrap of lace fabric I already had (picked up at a St.Vincent De Paul thrift store) and cut a length of it in the same width as the burlap ribbon. Then, minus the button center, I made a lace flower in the same way as the burlap flower.

After I was done with my flowers, I took the long end of the floral wire and poked it through the wreath where I wanted the flower. I twisted the wires onto the wreath and then cut the excess wire off with my wire cutters. (I’m telling you, I use those things all of the time! Don’t forget what tools you’ll need to get started!)

Here is the finished product:

I think I might actually use this for Spring or Easter, too.

Hope you likey!