It’s All Fun & Games Until…

Confession: I’m not good at giving gifts. I mean, I’m a giver. I am. I’ll give you the shirt off my back. It’s just that I’m not very good at picking out the right thing. When I give a gift there is always a gift receipt with it. Chances are, it’s either returned or regifted.

If it’s not the right thing, then I either end up going overboard or underboard, if that’s a word. (Pretty sure it’s not.) When someone says, “Let’s not get each other anything,” I don’t. But then they do. Or, then there’s the situation when I repeatedly see things people might like. My kids’ teachers. My bff. The mail lady. And it quickly becomes a little bit awkward when there’s too many “just because” gifts in a row.

Christmas or birthdays? Please tell me exactly what you want. Because otherwise I’m going to wait until the last minute because I can’t think of the *perfect* gift to get you. And then, because it’s the last minute and I never could think of that perfect thing, you get stuck with something say, coffee filters, because at least I’ll know they’ll get used.

Anywho, at Christmas when my family suggested a White Elephant gift exchange my initial reaction was negative. I lump White Elephant exchanges up there with Red Rover and dodgeball. I always got clothes lined in Red Rover. I always got hit smack in the face in dodge ball. In the White Elephant you get, well, junk.

But, then, oh then, I realized…The White Elephant gets you off the hook. Nobody likes what you brought? Well that’s the point isn’t it?? Everybody wants what you brought? Even better. And so I went where all good people go when they’re in search of a good White Elephant gift. Goodwill.

Usually when I hit up Goodwill I’m looking for things I can repurpose or sell. So this time I had to put on my blinders and search out the ugly. First up? Vintage Tupperware. This is high quality stuff y’all. A set of 4 square containers, with lids. In shades of burnt pumpkin and avocado, it was definitely a score. That stuff was made in America. It was made to last.

Next up? A vintage Budweiser beer can lamp. I didn’t know if it worked. It didn’t matter. White Elephant, remember? Now, this wasn’t a lamp made from an actual beer can. This was a lamp that was manufactured that way in the 1970’s for the Budweiser company. I looked this bad boy up and he was actually worth some loot. Added bonus? It turns out that it worked. 😉

Both got wrapped up in the ugliest gift bags I could find: an acid washed denim looking one and a Carebears Christmas one. And dare I say, these were actually some of the more popular gifts in the exchange. And, as I’m sure you can imagine (*sarcasm*) the beer lamp was “stolen” quite a few times throughout the game.

Red Rover and dodgeball may have me beat, but the White Elephant? All me, all the time.


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One thought on “It’s All Fun & Games Until…

  1. Love it! It seems to get harder and harder to buy for extended family anyway these days as we all seem to just go get what we truly want and need so the holidays are a rush to find something…just anything!


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