All that and a bigger paint chip!

It’s so hard to decide on a paint color from a tiny paint chip that you get in the store. Sure, a lot of them look great in a 1 x 2″ rectangle, but how is it going to look on an entire wall? Or 4 walls? “Peanut Butter Cookie” may end up looking more like “Butternut Barf” when you get 4 walls completely painted.

One option is to buy samples of each of the colors that you are considering. But, if you are considering several colors, this is going to get expensive and you’re going to wind up with several containers of paint that you don’t need.

If you’re working with a professional painter or a designer, they should be able to order you a larger paint chip in sizes that start like that of an index card and on up. But most of us are picking paint colors on our own, and even doing the actual painting on our own.I have a cheap and easy way for you to get a larger paint sample.

First you’ll need some supplies: a separate piece of white card stock for each color you are considering, enough paint chips from the store to fill up one piece of card stock, tape, and something to cut with if your paint chip is on a strip with other colors.

Why white card stock? There are a few reasons. First, you need something sturdier than regular paper if you want to be able to prop your new, larger paint chip onto something. Second, you don’t want to have the existing color affect your opinion of the sample color when you hold it up to the wall. Most trim is painted white or off white. When you leave a white “trim” border around the edge, and then hold it up to the wall, the existing color doesn’t compete as much. Lastly, you want to be able to move your new paint chip around. It will look different on each wall because of sunlight direction. It will look different in corners and at night. Mounting your paint chips on a piece of card stock will allow you to view your color in different areas of the room.

After you get all of your materials together, start to put them together on the card stock. You can use regular gift wrap tape or double stick tape. I used both. It doesn’t really matter. This is simply a tool to make for  yourself to make your life easier. Don’t fret over the details.

These bigger paint samples are from Sherwin Williams. They already came as a single color. But if you have several colors on the strip, cut out the color you are considering and tape them by themselves onto a piece of card stock.

Here is how three different paint chips turned out:

It’s going to be much easier to decide what color you like best when you can see more of it. And you’ll find that this is much easier and cheaper than buying samples of paint. It took me about 2 minutes to do all three samples.

And because I know you’re curious, here are the colors above:
Sherwin Williams Hot 6843, Sherwin Williams Copper Pot 7709, Sherwin Williams Harmonic Tan 6136.
Sherwin williams 800488 Krylon Interior Latex Paint Eggshell Antique White 5 Gallon (Google Affiliate Ad)


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