Finds of the day!

Lucky you! Two posts in one day. 🙂
Here are a few of my favorite finds from today:

First up are some vintage Pyrex “cinderella” bowls in the “Early American” pattern. Haven’t caught the Pyrex itch yet? These are one of the hottest items right now in the vintage and antique market. America is going crazy for these! Made in America, used in America, American tradition….we are longing for it.

Pyrex cinderella mixing bowls in the “Early American” pattern

Want to learn more about Pyrex, Fire King, and other glassware?

Follow Me on PinterestThere are whole websites dedicated to vintage Pyrex. Check out If you do a search on Pinterest for vintage Pyrex, glorious things will happen. Soon, you’ll find yourself appreciating Pyrex for what it is: Americana at its best.
Next up are some fantastic jars. I adore blue Ball “Perfect Mason” jars. But today I have some other special ones that I want to share with you instead.
Starting in the middle is an antique Ball freezer jar, with its original zinc lid. LOVE this guy. The other two I’m not 100% sure if I’m right about. (Please correct me below in the comments if I’m wrong.) The guy on the left is what I believe to be a vintage Parmesan cheese grater. You can’t tell from this picture, but his cap has measuring marks on it. The metal handle on the left turns and it rotates inside. The guy on the right is a Mason jar that I believe to be a pitting jar used for olives and cherries.
All of these finds today make me wonder…what everyday objects do we use now that will turn out to be collectibles in the future?
Come back tomorrow. I’ll be showing you how to re-purpose some antique Americana objects that I adore. You won’t believe how EASY this one is.


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2 thoughts on “Finds of the day!

  1. This makes me nostalgic! We had the Spring Blossom pattern growing up. I would love to find that print (not the newer brighter green one).


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