Painted Black Doors

I couldn’t decide to pull the trigger on painting the doors in our house black. I’m not really into doing anything trendy. Read: All of you who painted chevron stripes on your walls will be repainting in a year or two. But the more that I saw pictures of doors painted black, the more I decided that it was something that could actually last a while. When I decided to go ahead and do it, my thought was, “It’s paint. We can always paint them back to white.”

I did a lot of research before I started. Check out my whole Pinterest board on doors, and you can see some of the blogs that I read on how to paint a door. One of the blogs I read said something like, “This was so easy that I decided to go ahead and paint all of the basement doors, too.” Yeah, in that case, I’m in!

Y’all. I’m all about telling you when things are easy. I’m all about empowering you to do projects. But I’m not going to lie, this was no cake walk. I may or may not said a few curse words in my head  the whole time a few times. I don’t know for sure, but I’d be willing to bet that if you hired a bunch of painters to come to your home, and they needed to also paint a few of your doors from white to black, that they’d make the new guy that they all hate paint the doors.

So I may have once thought, “It’s paint. We can always paint them back to white.” But make no mistake, I will move before I paint those doors back to white. I originally thought I’d do one blog post on the whole thing, but I’m going to break it up into three: 1. Before & After pictures so you can decide if you want to do it, too. 2. What I did while painting the doors, that you might want to try. 3. How I painted the doorknobs from gold to antiqued pewter.

Here’s a before and after of the hallway. The walls are Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. The color I used for the doors is Black Suede by Behr.

and here’s a before and after of the front door:

I’d love some feedback! Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. I’ll be posting soon with the how to’s and what-nots.


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9 thoughts on “Painted Black Doors

  1. Great job on those black doors! I bet you never regretted painting all those doors, right? I really love how it looks in your hallway. Hehe! Thanks to your pins and inspirations, you came up with the right process on how to paint your doors and make them awesome! Hope you won't decide to paint them back to white again. 🙂


  2. I am considering painting my doors dark, but I would go with a dark grey. I love the look you have! Question for you…why didn't you paint the trim around your front door the black as well? Was it just a personal decision or is it a design decision or both? I think I want to paint my trim as well, just wondering if there is a design reason that I should consider to not do it.LOVE your dark doors. Just elegant and makes a statement vs 'oh, just a door'.Merry Christmas,Jennifer in Tacoma, WA


  3. Hi, Jennifer! I like the contrast of the black against white. It was a personal design decision. I wanted the trim around the doors to match the other trim. Not shown is that we have a lot of wainscot and shadow boxing below the chair rail level, which is all white.


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