Thanksgiving Tradition: Ornament Exchange

We like what we like. Fifteen years ago I was the type of person that had to have everything a certain way. Everything had to be just so. No deviation from tradition was allowed. Thank goodness, I’ve mellowed. (Depending on who you ask!)

Traditions are important. Our children need them. Our society needs them. Our country certainly needs them. In our family the Thanksgiving meal is very traditional. If there aren’t certain dishes on the table, the crowd will find ways to politely suggest we return to the tried and true ones that we love. (Side note: the Year of the Turducken didn’t go over very well.) For more on our favorite Thanksgiving meal, go to this post here.

On the flip side, if we shut ourselves out to new traditions we may inadvertently miss out on some wonderful memories. Notice, we did *try* the Turducken. Traditions all had to begin somewhere. In fact, some of the things my own kids insist that we have to do every year during the holidays, I never intended to be a yearly tradition.

My best friend has a wonderful tradition with her family. The ladies all exchange ornaments for their tree on Thanksgiving. They try to come up with something significant to the events of the year. What a lovely idea! Starting the holiday season (No, I am not including the weeks in between Halloween and Thanksgiving!!) with a small gesture is simple and thoughtful.

A few years down the road, I’m still trying to get the new tradition to catch on with my own extended family. (Ahem, get on it, ladies!) I try to pick out an ornament that they might like. It’s just my way of saying, “In this hectic time of year, dear sister/mother/sister-in-law, I’m thinking of you.”


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