Why you No-Good, 3-legged, Hunk of Junk!

I’m not afraid to speak up. And I’m certainly not afraid of a little (well, maybe a lot) of hard work. Both of which come in handy from time to time.

Recently I was at a garage sale that was actually a driveway sale. The garage itself was packed full with junk that wasn’t for sale. There wasn’t anything at the garage driveway sale that I was interested in. But there were several things that I could see in the garage that I liked. The more that I walked around looking at what was for sale, the more I couldn’t help looking past it all into the garage.

So, I spoke up.

And guess what? It turns out that the only reason that the stuff in the actual garage wasn’t for sale, is that the lady holding the sale couldn’t.get.the.stuff.out. Um, I’ll get it out. It needs some work, she tells me. Um, I’m not afraid of work. Y’all, you have got to speak up and ASK! So I ended up getting a 1940’s cupboard for less than it costs to get a case of moon pies down at the Piggly Wiggly.

The doors needed to be put back together. They weren’t broken; they had just come apart. Unfortunately, one of the legs was broken. No problemo! Some of the hardware was missing. We’ve got that covered.

After repairs, Before paint

So into the furniture hospital it went…

Ken, hard at work!

We decided to paint it in a chalk paint, which we love. If you haven’t tried it, you would love it! You don’t have to prime or sand before using it. You can find chalk paint in stores. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a great brand. However, you can also find recipes on Pinterest to make your own, which we did.

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The color we used was Martha Stewart Living “Bone Folder” from Home Depot. On the areas that we did not want the paint to stick to, we put Vaseline on before we painted.

After! I love her.

We decided to leave the top unpainted. Both Ken and I were really happy that we did. We used a butcher block conditioner to bring out the warm wood tone and to protect it.

Here’s a picture shortly before we sold it:

I’m so happy with how she turned out. Our hard work definitely paid off. We sold it for a lot more than that  case of moon pies! 
I wish that I could’ve kept her. The young couple that bought her seemed really happy with it. I hope that they enjoy it! Interesting note: While fixing up the piece we found the name and address of the original owner, who was from New York. We googled her name and discovered that she was born in 1900. How I wish I could hear the stories that this cupboard could tell!

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