The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Crazy day, y’all! But definitely one for the story books.

First, let’s start with the bad.
Our girl, Samantha, is energetic and full of life. This means that she often bubbles over with so much joy that the only way to properly express herself is to spontaneously break out into somersaults and cartwheels. But it also means that there are usually some really great stories about her day. Well, yesterday, on her birthday, she was doing a cartwheel and her necklace flipped over and scratched her in the eye. Off to the doctor we went this morning, and guess who’s got a corneal abrasion? This gal:

Covering up her eye patch that she secretly loves. (Do you have a mirror so I can look at it again?)

So a day off from school means that she gets to come with Ken and I to work:

On the road again, hunting for antiques.

Picture of me, courtesy of the one-eyed Georgia Peach:

Now, on to the GOOD:
Lots of treasures were found. Including some awesome glassware, dirt cheap antique books, and this guy:

Never used, vintage, 100% leather case, WITH THE KEY. Sa-weeeeet!

Y’all don’t only want to see the good stuff, do you? I mean, sometimes the ugly stuff is MUCH more interesting. Wait for it. Wait for it…

Check out this Mid Century sofa! U-G-L-Y! This is beyond my help. I am not up for a total sofa makeover. I should’ve taken a bath in hand-sanitizer when I got up off of it. Seventy years of gunk, and stank, and who knows what else was not a party I wanted to go to today. I envy the person with the skill to make this beautiful again. The frame and the legs on it were to die for. If you were someone other than me.

Life is certainly an adventure! I sure am glad I have a spunky family to make it so interesting.

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