So Bright, You’ve Got to Wear Shades!

Milk glass is one of my favorites. It is easy to find; however, there are some very unique pieces that can be hard to come by. I’ll post more some other time with cool facts about milk glass, but today is our daughter, Samantha’s birthday, we have piano lessons, and soccer practices. So you “get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit” with my post! 🙂

We found this little lamp a couple of months ago. I almost didn’t see it. Sometimes I get super focused on looking for things on my “list” (things I regularly hunt for), that I don’t see treasures right in front of me. This was almost this case with this lamp.

Vintage Milk Glass Lamp

This lamp most likely originally came with a tall glass shade. And I think shortly before I found it, that it still had it’s shade. The price tag said “lamp with shade.” However, the shade was gone, so I was able to get 1/3 of the price knocked off.

So now, what to do about a shade? I wanted something that complimented the brown and orange flowers, so I thought that a burlap shade would be perfect! I found this burlap lamp shade from Cost Plus World Market.

Burlap Lamp Shade
Shade, meet lamp. Lamp, meet shade.
 And there you have it! Another completely simple way to re-purpose something vintage.
Happy Tuesday!

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