Just call me "Dr. Love"

It always starts out strong. You like each other. You need each other. You think she’s pretty. You think he’s strong and dependable. But then things start to change. You outgrow each other. Things fall apart. You start to take each other for granted, and you start looking around for something new and exciting. In the worst cases, there is abuse and neglect. Furniture divorce. It happens.

Ever feel like you need a new piece of furniture? Are you outgrowing what you currently have? Do you have something hiding in the garage, shed, basement, or barn that you just don’t love anymore? I feel like Dr. Love. I find your problems (furniture, that is). I give them some therapy (love and elbow grease). I play matchmaker with someone that appreciates them and thinks they’re prettier than you do.

It’s okay. Really. People change. I’m here to help.

Here’s a lady that needed me:

Mid-Century Credenza by Indiana Desk Company, Jasper, Indiana

Sure, she was big. And let me tell you, this girl was heavy. She was made by Indiana Desk Company (now called Indiana Furniture) in the mid 1900’s. Made in America and built to last.

When she came to me, she didn’t need much therapy. She just needed a good cleaning up, and some touch up in spots. First I made a spray of 50/50 vinegar and water. Next, I used (very gently) a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Aren’t those things awesome? Just be careful that you don’t take any finish off, causing yourself more work.

Next, I purchased some touch up materials:

The first guy on the is a Blend-Fil Pencil and the other guy is a Wood Finish Stain Marker, both made by Minwax. For both of these I found a color that I thought would match the existing stain, which I thought was a dark walnut. The Blend-Fil pencil is kind of like a waxy substance that you can fill into nail holes and cracks. The Wood Finish Marker is filled with stain. In this case, the Wood Finish marker worked best. The Blend-Fil stuff doesn’t really dry hard.

So after an easy cleaning, I simply took the Stain Marker and touched up any scratches and scuffs that were still noticeable. Easy as pie, y’all. No sanding, painting, or refinishing required. We simply cleaned her and touched her up. Kind of like putting some heels and lipstick on for a date, right? And if you’re southern, don’t forget your pearls!

Once she was on the market, she didn’t last long. We sold her very quickly, like I thought we would. It just took some match-making to find the right person to love her. She went home to be in someone’s dining room as a fantastic buffet.

Tell me about your furniture match-making!

If you have a piece that you need to divorce (get rid of). Let me know! Dr. Love is here to help!

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