Laundry Tips for College Students

Printable  Laundry Instruction Tags for College Students

Our son, Jackson, goes off to college in just a few short weeks. Oh, the emotions! He’s very independent, and he’s been washing his work uniform for about 18 months now. But he hasn’t been washing much more than that, so I wanted to send him with some basic laundry help in case he needs it.

I created these tags that I zip-tied right to his laundry hamper. The instructions on them are pretty straight forward. Since he’s been washing his uniform, I don’t think he’ll have any problems.

First, you’ll need to print the tags on a piece of card stock. You’ll need 2 pieces of Scotch single-sided laminating sheets, a zip-tie or a cable tie, something to cut with, and a hole-punch. I intentionally used card stock and 2 of the laminating sheets because I wanted to make this as thick and durable as possible. I probably could’ve waited to use the laminator at work, but the lamination isn’t as thick as this.

First, I cut out the tags. Then, I punched out the holes. Next, you will use the first sheet of laminating to lay down the tags with space in between them. Carefully line up the other sheet of laminating and place it on top so that you stick them together. Before you cut out the tags, make sure you press down along all of the edges. You’ll want to cut out the holes again with the hole-punch.

Put the tags in order, and zip-tie them to the handle of your laundry hamper.

I’ll put the printable below in case anyone would like to use it. Honestly, this would work well at home, too, if you are trying to teach kids how to do laundry.

I’ll be posting soon on some tips I have for getting towels free or inexpensively to send with your college student. Move-in day is about 5 weeks away. Lots to do!

Please comment and let me know if you found this helpful or if you have any suggestions.


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