Chifferobe Linen Storage

I realized that I’ve shared this chifferobe on my blog before, but I don’t think that I’ve shown what I use it for. This chifferobe is only one of two pieces that I painted and kept. It’s really the only piece of those two that I would care about keeping. I love it. I painted it in the “french country” style. It’s far from perfect, but hey, so am I!

So what do I use it for? Linens! Tablecloths, place mats, napkins, table runners, etc. I also store some seasonal pillows in the bottom.

I found that the kind of hangers that dry cleaners use for pants are perfect for tablecloths. They don’t make a crease when they’re hung up for long periods of time. They are also usually non-slip.

Inside the smaller door on the left I keep place mats, runners, and other things.

There are four drawers in this chifferobe, so each drawer keeps napkins that I might use in each of the four seasons.

This chifferobe is in our master bedroom. It would be great in a dining room, too. I like it here because it is close to the ironing board, which is kept in the closet on the right. Our laundry room is also upstairs, so putting things away after I wash them is convenient.

Funny story – this chifferobe has been at least four colors. When I bought it, it was a cherry finish. Then I stripped it and stained it a barn wood finish. Then I painted it an off-white color. Finally, it ended up gray with a linen door. (I removed the glass in that portion.) Sometimes it takes a while to get things right!

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