Hi, there! I’d like to introduce myself…

I’m Abby, a southern girl married to a southern boy. I’m mom to two big kids (a high schooler and a college student) and two fur-kids (both doodles). I have a degree in interior design, and I’m in love with all things vintage and antique.

I was searching for a way to share things that I am passionate about, so I began blogging in 2012 under the name Belle and Beau Antiquarian. (Now shortened to Belle Antiquarian to make finding me easier.) I shared antique finds, DIY projects, traditional Southern menus and customs, and projects that I was doing around our home. At the same time I was selling antiques at regional antique fairs, antique stores, and online. As the antique sales side of things grew, I began to blog less and less. After a while I realized that while I was still passionate and excited about hunting antiques and researching their provenance, I wasn’t excited about selling them in the venues that I was.

Even though my blog was neglected, and I hadn’t posted anything in several years, I knew that thousands of people were coming each month and reading my posts. I still have a lot of ideas and thoughts in my head that I want to share with others, and for a while now I’ve wanted to return to writing. Writing is a part of who I am; before my college major was Interior Design, it was English. So here I am, friends, back to where my heart truly lies – sharing my life with you as I decorate, design, antique, thrift, garden, cook, and learn.  (Always learning!)

I hope you’ve come to stay a bit. I’d like to connect with you through comments or on social media. Now, as my sweet elderly neighbor, Anniebelle, would say growing up, “What’s your hurry?” Stay a while and look around. I’m so glad you’re here.

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