I’ve moved!

A photo I took from a trip to Charleston, SC in 2016.

If you’ve followed me for the past 7 years, you are noticing some big changes. One of the biggest is a name change! Belle and Beau Antiquarian has been shortened to Belle Antiquarian. Beau (my husband, Ken) is still by my side after 20 years, but in order to simplify and make it easier to find my blog, I’ve shortened it to Belle Antiquarian. “Belle and Beau” was an option I thought of, of course, but it didn’t reflect anything about my love of antiques or interior design.

Why the move? I wanted my own domain name and the services that my new host can offer a blogger.

What’s next? Some of the more popular posts from my old site will be moving with me. You’ll also notice some changes that have already or soon will be taking place, such as social media name changes. It’s still me! Just with a new, shorter name.

If you’re new here or haven’t read About Me in a while, please be sure to check out my introduction post prior to this one, or click on the About tab at the top. Our lives have grown fuller in the past 7 years since I began blogging, and I’d love to catch you up.

Best Wishes,


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