Reclaimed & Repurposed Window Frames

I finally got some more window frames listed onto Etsy. Selling stuff on Etsy is super time consuming, so my online shop gets neglected. My space in the The Old Hardware Store is full, so Etsy is feelin’ some love this week.

These can be used for soooo many different things. Hanging jewelry, sunglasses, keys, photos. Use them for bridal or baby showers to display photos of the bride & groom or mom & dad-to-be when they were babies. You can even use them to hang gift cards for a group gift to the teacher from her class.

For your viewing pleasure, some of my favorite pics:









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One thought on “Reclaimed & Repurposed Window Frames

  1. LOVE these! I need your professional opinion on some old wood windows my dad gave me from a house reno he did. They are quite large and I'm not sure whether or not to remove the glass panes… there is some rotting caulk around the panes, but once removed and with a little sanding I think it'll be fine. My goal is to hang them side by side behind my couch and put b&w family pics behind them. I guess I need to send you some pics and maybe you can tell me where I should start? Will you email me when you have a chance and I'll send you the pics…I had to replace my phone and I lost mt contact list:(Thanks Abby!


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