How to Paint Your Doorknobs

I’m so glad I painted our doorknobs! If you’ve been following The Great Door Painting Project (here and here), then you know that this has been an enormous transformation. The good news is that painting the doorknobs was the easiest part. Even if you aren’t painting your doors, painting your doorknobs is an easy way to update your home.

This is a job that even a beginner can do. There will be two screws on one side of the doorknob. Unscrew them and twist each side of the doorknob in opposite directions while pulling apart.

Find away to support your doorknobs before you paint them. I used a block of Styrofoam and set it inside of a cardboard box. I have seen some other methods, which I pinned onto my Pinterest board on doors. Don’t forget to paint the heads of your screws!

This is my favorite spray paint for hardware. Rust-Oleum makes several different metal finishes in their line of “Forged Hammered Paint & Primer in One.” I have used this to paint the hardware and hinges on furniture as well. It doesn’t scream “I’m spray-painted! I’m cheap!” My favorite part of this spray paint is that it gives a slight texture and variation in color. You can order it from and have it delivered right to your door(knobs). hee, hee!
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I recommend using this is short bursts to give the most natural finish. The more coats you use, the more variation in color and texture you will achieve. Just like I mentioned when you paint doors, your painted doorknobs will need several days to dry rock hard. Even if they are dry to the touch, wait before you reinstall them. I felt like mine were completely hard after 4 days.

Super easy. Give it a try!

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2 thoughts on “How to Paint Your Doorknobs

  1. Hi there! Thanks for your question. Most of the doorknobs held up just fine. There were a couple that got a lot of use that did not. It probably would have lasted longer if I had done two things: 1. Clean the doorknobs prior to painting with rubbing alcohol to remove anything that would prevent paint from sticking. 2. Primed with something intended for metal. After about 2 years we ended up replacing them all with new doorknobs.


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