Thou Shalt Not Covet {or Hanker For}

cov·et /ˈkəvit/ Verb. 
Yearn to possess or have (something).
Synonyms: crave – desire – hanker – lust 
I don’t covet my neighbors’ possessions, but I do covet. I covet a stronger faith. I covet patience. 
Not used as much, but often heard in the South, is “hanker for.” I hanker for peace. I hanker to be a better gardener. I hanker for a plate of warm rhubarb pie. 
But there are some things that cross over the line from “coveting” to “aspiring to.” Can’t things that you covet, in fact, be your goals? 
I’m about to say something strange. Here goes: I covet a church. It’s true. I hanker to own the building. There’s a church that I often pass while driving through the town next to mine. It’s lovely. It has beautiful stained glass windows. It has a steeple of copper that has patina-ed to a rich, complex hue that only age and weather can bring. 
A church? Yes, I want my future antique store to be in this church. Imagine the ethereal light streaming in through the stained glass windows onto antiques that have been metaphorically saved and reborn. Can I get an “amen?”
I’ve got it bad, Y’all. This morning I drove by and fantasized about the perennials that I would plant around the foundation of the building. 
So call it what you will: coveting, dreaming, aspiring…A church building is what I shall hanker for. 
P.S. These aren’t my photos. Photo credits:


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