Perfect Pink Peonies

There are many, many times where I have told y’all that a certain project is super easy. Or, perhaps I’ve said that “the hardest part was getting started.” But there is one kind of project that frustrates me to no end. And yet, I keep going back.

*sigh* In theory, I love gardening, and I’m fabulous at it. In reality, well, not so much. Gardening for me is like one big science experiment. Sometimes the experiments work. But most of the time the science experiments end up getting annihilated by weird, alien-looking bugs that devour my plants in the dark of night. Any bug within a hundred mile radius with an appetite for squash, tomatoes, or peppers has found its way into my backyard. And laid eggs. Did I mention that I.Hate.Bugs?!?! (This should probably be titled, “The bugs. THE BUGS!!!: Part I)

I might be about to make a gardening mistake. But I’m going to do it anyway. Through Pinterest, I have fallen in love with peonies. They are beautiful, sophisticated, and delicate. I want them. The problem? I’m in the deep south. I’m in the land of “full sun” and heat. Peonies don’t like the land of “full sun.”

Today I went into Walmart looking for a hard to find shade of lipstick, which could not be found. And on my way out of the store, empty handed, I found myself staring at a shelf of flower bulbs. Perfect pink peonies.

There, at Walmart, was a cultivar, “Sarah Bernhardt” that is supposedly hardy to zone 8. I’m zone 7.

I didn’t walk out empty handed. I’m going to give them a try. Stay tuned.


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One thought on “Perfect Pink Peonies

  1. I am a peony lover as well! Just be patient they won't bloom the 1st or even possibly the 2nd year as they do take time to get established (that has been my experience at least!) Sarah Bernhardt and Festiva Maxima are 2 recommended varieties for the South so you are on the right track!!! Can't wait to see how they do.


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