Entertaining with Milk Glass

Fact: My favorite color is white. Don’t get all technical on me and say that white isn’t actually a color. If you go into your local paint store and ask for white paint, you’ll get it. Why do I like white? It’s clean. It’s not complicated. After a full day of reviewing paint chips and fabric patterns, white is a peaceful spot for my eyes to rest.

Fact: There are no walls in my house that are truly white. I like to accessorize with white. White pillows, white throws, white candles. It works, no matter what your paint color is.

Fact: I also love white milk glass. (We’ve covered that, haven’t we?) If you aren’t familiar with milk glass, it was very popular in the mid 1900s. Dozen of manufacturers created products such as dishes, vases, figurines, lamps, and so on. Some of the more successful companies to create milk glass included: Hazel Atlas, Federal, Indiana Glass, Fire King, Anchor Hocking, and Pyrex.

Recently milk glass has gained popularity in entertaining decor. The simple, white, and often delicate appeal of milk glass provides a restful background for flowers and foods. Milk glass provides a non-competitive background on tablescapes, allowing the food and flowers to be the real starts of the show.

A bridal luncheon uses milk glass to create a bridge between vintage and modern touches.

 Using milk glass creates a unique look.

A lovely milk glass cake stand, a milk glass pitcher, and milk glass vases unify this tablescape.

Sometimes simple is better.

Milk glass can be found in many places. Antique stores, Etsy, your mom’s or grandma’s kitchen. If you need a large number of milk glass pieces for your special affair, here’s a tip: Don’t worry about finding identical pieces. As long as they are all the same color, once you add your flowers or food, it will all become a “set.”

For more ideas on milk glass, please visit the websites listed at the bottom in the photo credits. If you are local and are looking for milk glass, stop on by my booth at Countryside Antiques in Braselton.

I’d love to hear your milk glass stories!

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2 thoughts on “Entertaining with Milk Glass

  1. I love it because my Grandmother's had it (though I wish I had what they had!!!)I think white may be one of my favorite colors as recently a friend ask me if it was my \”signature\” color because it was all I seemed to wear these days! LOL


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