Spring Easter Decor

Spring Easter Decor

Decorating our home for spring and Easter using Blue Willow and items we already own.

Caring for Blueberry Bushes

//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.jsSo I pruned my blueberries a few weeks ago. Super Important. You will not believe how much blueberry production will increase if you've never pruned before. More branches and growth do NOT equal more blueberries. For more info on how to prune go HERE. If the plant is using all of its energy and nutrients [...]

How to Prepare Your Garden Soil for Planting

//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.jsYay, Spring! If you missed my last post on my plans for my garden beds this summer, check it out HERE. Before I plant anything, I want to make sure that the soil is healthy for my plants. This will help them to produce the maximum amount of food and keep them disease resistant. Here [...]

I "garden" at Publix.

I really, really want to be good at gardening. The planting part is easy. Next when little plants germinate and poke their green heads out of the ground there is a huge feeling that something wonderful and amazing just happened. Then comes the growing part. Things happen then. Strange, gross, frustrating things.We have blueberry bushes. The [...]

Perfect Pink Peonies

There are many, many times where I have told y'all that a certain project is super easy. Or, perhaps I've said that "the hardest part was getting started." But there is one kind of project that frustrates me to no end. And yet, I keep going back. *sigh* In theory, I love gardening, and I'm [...]