Spring Easter Decor

While most of the country is sheltering in place during the Covid-19 Pandemic, how are you keeping busy? I am a homebody by nature, but I admit…I’m getting bored and itching for a project. My kids realized yesterday how bored I was when I took all of the art off of the walls and started rearranging it. Something quirky that my “interior design” mind does after sitting in a room for a while, is that I start mentally rearranging the furniture. Full disclosure, if I’ve sat in your house for any amount of time, I’ve probably mentally rearranged your furniture, too. It’s like doing a puzzle in my head. (Teacher friends, I’ve rearranged your classrooms in my head. LOL) After sitting in our family room/breakfast room/kitchen for weeks on end now, I’ve decided I’m going to rearrange and paint. But I’m going to wait for projects until after the pandemic to buy supplies because it’s our civic duty to shelter in place. ❤

So this year my birthday falls on Easter. And Easter falls within the shelter in place order that my county is under. I’m not sad about being home for my birthday. I’m not a birthday person. I don’t care about presents at all. But I am a little bummed about Easter. No surprise if you’ve been reading my posts for a while, but I am HUGE on traditions. To me, traditions are like glue for a family. So I’m going to miss taking flowers to church and adding them to the cross, getting new church clothes, etc. If you want to know more about what our family does and eats for Easter, check out these posts here and here. (Sidenote: I think it is okay to feel bummed or even depressed about missing out on things during the pandemic. Won’t it make it all the more sweeter when life returns to normal?)

With all this time on my hands, and no where to go, I am using what we already have around the house to decorate for spring and Easter. I pulled out my Blue Willow egg cups (made by Allerton’s) and a blue and white platter (Yuan by Wood and Sons) to put on our mantel.

I had these tiny glass jars left over from some cold-pressed juice drinks. Glass recycling is not available in our area (which seems crazy to me in a major metropolitan area), so I try to reuse glass when I can. They were the perfect size to add a little ribbon and some Carolina Jessamine cuttings from our yard.

It turns out that Carolina Jessamine doesn’t do well as a cut flower and drops the flowers after a few hours, so I’ll be switching these flowers out for something else from the yard soon. One last picture for you – our Easter tablescape. These are all items we already had in our home. I bought these plates several years ago from Williams Sonoma, and I still love them!

How are you doing during this crazy time in our world? If you are sheltering in place, thank you. Thank you for putting the needs of others before yourself. If you are sheltering in place in a dangerous or abusive situation, I’m praying for you.

As I wrote on my Instagram page recently: This Easter there won’t be egg hunts, flowers on the cross, or sunrise church services. There won’t be ham and potato salad with extended family. Maybe this year Easter will just be about an empty tomb.

If I can pray for you, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or email. You could even drop it in the comments below. Happy Easter, friends!

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