I came to Jesus wearing "Catalina Mist."

I’ve fallen in love with “Catalina Mist” by Krylon. It’s dreamy, don’t you think? Unfortunately, I’ve found that it’s a hard to find color. Walmart is about the cheapest place to pick up Krylon paints. However, the only place I have been able to find this particular color  is at my local big-box-chain craft store, where you can only get a decent price on anything if you use one of their weekly 50% off coupons. (Grrr, don’t get me up on that soap box.)

Even more frustrating than being hard to find, is that both of the cans that I’ve purchased from this big-box store have been faulty. I don’t blame it on Krylon, because their paint rocks. I’ve never had a problem with any of their cans other than these two. I just get the feeling that these two cans were sitting on the shelf for a while. How that could be, I can’t imagine. Since this color is wondermoustacular.

I was working on spray painting a chair for the shop, when catastrophically the can decided that it wasn’t going to stop spraying. Imagine, if you will, that I need to set the can down so that I can flip the chair over. Except the paint won’t stop flowing. Laugh it up folks, laugh.it.up. Needless to say, my hands got quite a bit of paint on them. Under the nails. In the crevices. Yep. I’m sure it was quite the scene.

 The finished product makes me happy. I’m still in love with Krylon and “Catalina Mist.” But, I won’t be going back to the same store for this color, 50% off coupon or not.

Fast forward to church this morning. We’re always invited to “turn, and greet your neighbor with a handshake.” And I died just a little inside when I turned to greet my neighbor and realized that all of my “Catalina Mist” hadn’t come off in the shower. I’d come to worship Jesus wearing “Catalina Mist.” But I don’t think he minded.

Catalina Mist


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