EVERYTHING is for sale. Except for that guy. Maybe.

We go to all kinds of places trying to find vintage and antique treasures. It’s fun. I am so happy to have a job that I truly love with a business partner that I love. Last week we went to two different estate sales. Estate sales are different from garage sales. An estate sale is when everything in the house, inside and out, is for sale. Usually, but not always, an estate sale is held after someone passes away.

There are different kinds of estate sales. The first is the company run estate sale. The family leaves the house and the company comes in and prices everything. They put up nicely printed, professional signs. They stay and handle the sale of everything in the house.

The other kind is the family run estate sale. The family prices everything thing in the house, and they stay at the house during the sale and do the actual selling.

We like both kinds. But we *love* a family run estate sale. The stuff is priced to sell. The family wants it gone so that they can move on. With both kinds of estate sales, the earlier you can get there, the better! If you see something that you want to buy, even if it’s nailed down, ask about it. Also remember to negotiate the price. And don’t be afraid to dig!

At the first sale (the company run sale) we picked up some awesome glassware, a Coca~Cola crate, suitcases, linens, an old stool, and a china cabinet. The china cabinet went straight into the “furniture hospital” for treatment.

Glassware hens, milk glass vase, linen table cloth, suitcase, cigar box, books

Pyrex, Jadeite, Thermos water jug

 At the second sale (the family run sale) we got there on day 2, late in the day. The lady told us that we had missed a lot of great antiques. (Don’t tell us that!!) But we still managed to fill up the bed of the truck with some treasures that we liked.

3 old chairs, an old stool, some window frames, and a license plate (not old)

Glassware by E.O. Brody Co. and a little jar. These were found in the back of a shed that had been added onto about 3 or 4 times. They were just laying in the dirt, waiting to be found!

A chifferobe, that also went into the furniture hospital.

Estate sale stories are a lot like fishing stories. There’s always a big one that got away!



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