{More than a} Message in a Bottle

I love containers. If they’re old, I love them even more. Suitcases, boxes, crates, jars, bowls. If it’s pretty, that’s one thing. But if you can use it, well then, I’m in love.

I have these bottles that I have been collecting. Starbucks frappuccino bottles, the kind that you can get from the grocery store. To me, they are totally reminiscent of old fashioned milk bottles. Our daughter loves drinking milk out of them. (She has an antiquarian’s heart.)

Come to find out, we aren’t the only ones that love them. Lots of you do! It is crazy to see how many different ways these bottles can be repurposed. I love that. Grass roots recycling, at its best.

Regardless of how you are going to repurpose them, you’ll need to get them cleaned up first. The labels are simply a sticker. So, I usually peel the stickers off, run the bottles through the dishwasher, and then remove the gummy residue left over. I like to use  Goo Gone to get the goop off. I have found that it really works better than anything else out there.

Once you have your bottles cleaned up, the possibilities are endless. Below I have put together just a few of the ideas that I have found on Pinterest. Follow Me on Pinterest

1. A soap dispenser by Domesticated Nomad.
2. Bowling party milk bottles by Hostess {with the mostess}
3. Sweet tea bottles by A Nest for All Seasons
4. Milk Men by Bakerella
5. Halloween treat jars by A Step in the Journey
6. Candy Apple Teacher Gifts by Giggles Galore
7. Milk Bottle and Bakers Twine by Whisker Graphics
8. Reindeer Food by Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
9. Homemade Gift with frappuccino bottles by Tip Junkie
10. Vases by Goodknits
11. Lux lamp by Alternative Consumer
If you have other ways that you have repurposed Starbucks frapp bottles, I’d love to see them. Please share!
Now, if I can just figure out what I want to do next with them…

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2 thoughts on “{More than a} Message in a Bottle

  1. Thank you for including one of my projects in this fun round up. I love using these little bottles and use them at almost every event or party I throw! 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for linking to my Reindeer Food bottles 🙂 They were a super easy and fun project…I had several people collecting the bottles for me too so they stacked up pretty quickly! New to your site as well…I've a lover of all things vintage so I'm having fun poking around 🙂


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