Rich, Saturated Bedroom Design Plan

Hi, there! Today I am sharing a recent bedroom design plan. This design is good for someone that likes to periodically change out their bedding and décor accessories. Let me share why below:

You can find each of these commissionable links by clicking the photo.

In this bedroom design plan I used neutral furniture and window treatments. These furniture pieces are the foundation of a backdrop that allows someone to change out colorful bedding and accessories without having to completely overhaul their room. If you are the type of person that likes to switch things up, I recommend investing in quality, timeless furniture pieces while finding budget friendly bedding and accessories.

To Recap: 1. Keep your furniture and window treatments neutral and timeless. 2. Opt to spend more on furniture and window treatments since you will be using them longest. 3. Choose budget friendly items for things that you might want to switch out seasonally or periodically.

As always, you can find these exact pieces on my page. You can click HERE or click on the picture above to find the commissionable links. Tip: The artwork pieces shown are one-of-a-kind original paintings. If you wish to purchase them, don’t delay!

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