Style it Saturdays April 10, 2021

It’s time for our weekly edition of Style it Saturdays, where I show you a round up of outfits from the week!

As always, you can find all of the commissionable links for these outfits on my page. Something special happening this weekend is the LTK spring sale. Certain brands are offering special discounts to LTK shoppers, some of them will even let you stack the LTK coupon code on top of their other coupon codes this weekend.

With the exception of a couple of this week’s outfits, most of them are a little more on the casual side. This one below is one of my favorites this week. The stacking bangles and fun shoes give loads of personality to these comfy, basic pieces. Click HERE or on the picture to find these pieces.

This outfit below is what I like to call my “farmers market” outfit. Comfy, but still cute. And don’t forget the fun bag to put your farmers market purchases in. HERE is the outfit on LTK.

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This outfit below is the perfect weekend outfit to run errands in! It’s also perfect to take along while travelling.

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Here’s a cute outfit below to wear to a bbq or baseball game! This fun headband keep your hair looking cute, while the cross-body purse keeps your hands free.

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Sometimes you just want to wear something basic, and that is this outfit! Your basic, but flattering, white tee with jeans and tennies. This is a great white tee because it is double layered…no see-through worries.

Okay, now for some outfits that are not quite as casual, but still ready for fun…This cute gingham dress has been really popular. I think it would look great with a belt at the waist to make it look a little more put together. The dress is a little on the shorter side, so size up if the hemline is a concern for you.

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I personally really like this outfit for the times you want to wear a skirt or dress, but you know it is going to be hot outside. The double-layer tank is going to keep you covered, and the light cotton skirt is going to keep you cool.

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This outfit below is one that is perfect for a summer wedding or graduation. The necklace lays really nicely with the neckline of the dress.

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Lastly, here are few more outfits below from the week. Until next time! Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

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Accepting Substitutes in Your Design Plans

Today I want to talk about what to do when you fall in love with a piece for your room that blows your budget out of the water.

We’ve all been there… You find the perfect sofa, but it’s three times what you planned on spending. Or maybe it’s the dresser, or a lamp, or a piece of artwork that is not in budget. In those cases, here’s what you need to do: accept a substitute. Yes, a substitute. Or as I like to call them over on my – a dupe. A “dupe” is a duplicate or similar item that is almost identical, but is much more affordable.

The only time that I wouldn’t try to do this is if someone is hand-crafting a custom piece for you. But if you are buying something that is not custom made, chances are you can find something very similar in a lower price point. Let me show you an example below.

You can click any picture to find the commissionable links for sources.

These two spindle chairs are so similar that if you needed to buy the less expensive one for budget reasons, your overall room aesthetic would not be affected. I recommend searching for similar wood and fabric tones to find what is in your budget. What you are probably sacrificing in these two designs is the filling material in the cushions. Below is another example of how you can find something similar to an expensive piece that fits into your own budget.

Click any photo to find the sources for what is pictured.

As you can see the most expensive bench has a white, upholstered seat with a brass frame. There are many other options that also have white, upholstered seats with brass frames. Choosing one of the more affordable options will not change the overall design aesthetic of your room.

These dressers are similar enough to equally considered for a space. Both have brass metal accents and blue textured surfaces. What I recommend in this case to carefully compared the dimensions of the pieces to make sure their size is comparable as well. In the photos below, you can see that you will often find alternatives in lower price points. Sometimes the materials used are less expensive (leather vs. vegan leather). Other times there are slight differences in the design. But when you are working on a budget, accepting a substitute item (or dupe) will sometimes solve your design dilemmas. As always you can click any of the images to find commissionable links for sources. Never miss a dupe or design plan by following my blog, following me on, and following me on Instagram!

How to Combine Traditional with Contemporary Decor

Today I am sharing how I combine the styles of traditional and contemporary/modern in a design plan.

It’s fairly simple. When trying to combine traditional and contemporary designs, I like to keep all of the furniture lines clean and sleek. Then, I will keep all of the textiles and patterns traditional. I find that when I do these two things in a design, it turns out just right!

As you look at this dining room design board that I created below, notice that: 1) The furniture lines are sleek, clean, modern, and contemporary. 2) The fabrics, textiles, and wallpaper are traditional. You can create a happy mix of the two with your accessories and accent pieces.

Click this photo to find the sources for everything pictured on my commissionable links.

This dining table is a high-gloss white lacquer. Notice that the edges are very modern and angular. The chairs have a traditional rattan caning material, but the lines of the arms are very contemporary.

Above is the color palette used for this space. As always, everything pictured in this design has been linked on my You can find all of the commissionable links there.

Click the photo above to see sources and commissionable links for everything pictured.

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Style it Saturdays April 3, 2021

Welcome to the second edition of Style it Saturdays, where I show you a round-up of outfits from the week before. Spring has officially landed here in north Georgia, so these outfits are all about warm weather and sunny skies. Just a friendly reminder that you can find any of these pieces by clicking the photo to be taken to my commissionable links. Never miss my latest outfits by following me there.

I’ve actually shown the dress below previously on my, but I wanted to show you how I wear it belted. You’ll notice in a lot of dresses that I post that I add a belt as an accessory. Even if your waist is not as small as you’d like for it to be, adding a belt over a dress at your natural waist, just under your rib cage, will give it a slimming effect. For the affordable price, I am very impressed with the quality of this dress. I was a little worried that the fabric would be thin, but it isn’t. There’s a great flow-y movement to the bottom, and it has pockets!

Click any photo to shop these pieces on

This next outfit can work in so many situations. I would wear it to work, church, or lunch with friends. I recommend tucking the blouse in, because a defined waist is always more flattering even if you aren’t comfortable with your size.

Click any photo to shop this look on

Okay, y’all know I love to include a date night outfit! But I honestly think this could work for work, church, or lunch as well. This basic black outfit is elevated by the brown leather belt and shoes and the turquoise jewelry. The bandana can be worn as a scarf around your neck, tied to the belt, or in your hair. I love pairing black and brown together for a sophisticated, chic look. Not to mention, this black outfit can be the foundation for literally hundreds of outfits!

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Okay, here’s a great travel outfit if you will be hitting the ground running once you get to your destination. After a long car or plane ride, a hat and sneakers are in order, but we still want to look cute and put together. This outfit checks all of those boxes!

Click the photo to shop this outfit on

Okay, can we talk about how this outfit screams, “I’m done with winter, give me sunshine!” I love throwing pops of fun color with black and white! And how cute are these earrings?!? Just cuff up the sleeves on this fun shirt and you are ready to go!

You can find any of these pieces by clicking the photo to shop this outfit on

Leopard print will forever by my favorite neutral, and I love pairing it with army green. These pieces all look super cute together, but on their own they are wardrobe basics that can be mixed and matched into dozens of outfits. How many ways can we style them..the list is endless! And the accessories TOTALLY make this outfit look put together.

Want to shop this look? Click on the picture to find it on my!

And the last look for this week…Are we ready for the park, errands, or lunch? Because this look can work for any of those! Red, black, and white are classic, and I love how this headband ties it all together.

You can shop this look on my by clicking the photo above!

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What Are Your Thoughts on Wallpaper?

Wallpaper has come back in a big way! Some of us are thinking, “Wait, didn’t I spend hours of my life removing wallpaper?” You did, but what goes around comes around. And it’s baaaaack! Other than someone who might be considering moving soon, I say bring it on!

Wallpaper can add character, interest, and personality to any space – even your laundry room. In the design plan below, I am showing a wallpaper pattern that I picked out for a bedroom. It has a lighter background and uses several colors in the design. I feel that gives it more flexibility in furnishings for the space, but also if you want to change bedding, etc, in the future, you will have more options with a wallpaper pattern like this.

I’ve linked all of the sources for what you see in this picture on my You can find the commissionable links there by clicking HERE or on the photos.

The colors used for inspiration for this space are below. Even if you are not painting the walls of a room, I recommend that you have a color palette that you use. This will help you when you are picking out furniture, bedding, and artwork.

The color palette, wallpaper, and furnishings of this space were inspired by a pastoral, French country feel. These are heirloom, classic designs that don’t go out of style and can stand the test of time.

So what are your thoughts? Are you ready to wallpaper a room (or two) in your home? Or are the memories of 1980s wallpaper removal still too fresh to consider it?

You can click the photos to be find sources for everything pictured here.

Style It Saturdays March 27, 2021

Hi, Friends! I’d like to introduce you to a little programming change. πŸ˜‰ You may remember that I did a series of blog posts last fall titled, Wear it Wednesdays. In an attempt to streamline my posts a little bit and organize them for you to find easier, I am planning to do just one weekly post instead. Style it Saturdays will be a round up where I feature all of the outfits from the week before. So today will be our very first weekly Style it Saturdays!

To begin, one of my favorite pieces in my own wardrobe is my chambray shirt dress. It’s a class wardrobe staple that won’t go out of style. In the photo below you can see some ways that I suggest styling a chambray dress. You could also style it wearing some leggings underneath it with ballet flats. The possibilities are endless. You can find all of the commissionable links for each of the pieces in the photo on my You can either click HERE or click on the photo to find them.

Click the photo to shop for these exact pieces.

The next dress that I want to show you is one that I consider to be the perfect traveling dress. It travels very well in a suitcase and can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. In addition to the ways that I’ve suggested to style it below, you could also add a button-up shirt over it, tied in a knot at the waist. Click HERE or click on the picture for commissionable links.

Click the photo to shop for these exact pieces.

The dress below is one that I think you could wear 3 seasons of the year. An army green field jacket over the top would allow you to wear it in spring or fall. Some leather knee boots would look great with it as well. Click on the photo below, or click HERE for commissionable links.

Click the photo to shop for these exact pieces.

I want to show you how versatile the jeans are below. You can create a sporty look with the sneaker and tank, or you can create more of a flirty, boho look with the pieces on the right. Click HERE or click the photo below for links.

Click the photo to shop for these exact pieces.

The outfit below is my favorite from this week. This dress is cut to perfectly flatter a woman’s figure. I love adding accessories in complementary colors, so this pop of orange works well here. It’s just a happy spring/summer outfit! Click HERE or click the photo below for the commissionable links.

Click the photo to shop for these exact pieces.

And finally, who isn’t ready for some warm weather to dine on a patio? Click HERE or click the photo below for the commissionable links.

Click the photo to shop for these exact pieces.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our first Style it Saturdays! Until next time!

Easter entry table decor

Spring and Easter Decor

Good Friday is one week from today, so I thought I would share a few ways that I’ve added some little touches of Spring and Easter around our home.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognize this oversized glass lantern from one of my Thrifty Thursday trips. It was $6, and I knew that it would be a perfect vase for oversized flowers like these Larkspur and Aster, as well as some Gladiolus later in the season.

I’m really trying to be intentional about not having bins and bins of seasonal decor. (I only have one bin for Easter!) Flowers can make your home feel special for Easter without adding a lot of clutter. This is true for any holiday, as long as you use flowers that are in season.

And, of course, my trusty sidekicks are never too far away when I am arranging flowers. πŸ™‚

A few little touches on our mantel…

On our entry table I used some of my jadeite and white milk glass pieces. Using them together with the dried grass and eggs makes them feel very spring-like. Everything in the photo above has been linked on my commissionable links. You can click HERE or click on the photo above to access the links.

Another view of my jadeite and milk glass Fire King pieces. Have you decorated your home for Easter?

Tips for Designing Bedrooms in Modern Times

What if I told you that you no longer have to commit to an entire bedroom suite like our parents did? Gone are the days of walking into a furniture store to buy a matching bed, dresser, and nightstands. You will enjoy your bedroom space more and find it more relaxing if it has a “collected” feel to it.

I want to very quickly show you one example of how you can buy new pieces that don’t “match” and combine them with antiques, as well as modern pieces. The end result is a space that will reflect your individual personality and veer away from the cookie cutter bedroom suite of decades gone by.

Sources for all of these pieces are linked on my Click the picture to see more.

The first suggestion I have for creating a cohesive, collected look is to be intentional with your color palette. Search for and save a color palette that you like on Pinterest so that you can easily access it while shopping. Another option is to keep your paint chips in your wallet so that you can reference them quickly.

You will want to stick to your color palette for things like art, bedding, rugs, and furniture. If you wander from your color palette, the item you choose will boldly look out of place. You’ll find it visually disruptive to have it in your space, and you’ll become frustrated with your design.

The next tip I have is to pay attention to symmetry and scale. For example, if you are trying not to use nightstands that match perfectly, I suggest that they have something in common to tie them together. They should have similar size and color to balance the design. You don’t want one nightstand to be white and 30″ x 36″, while the other one is stained brown and is 28″ x 18″.

Those are all of the quick tips that I have for you today! I have linked sources for all of the pieces above on my page. You can find all of the commissionable links there. To make sure that you don’t miss out on future design advice, you can subscribe to my blog, follow me on Instagram, and follow me on

Click the photo to see all of the sources for these pieces on my

One Color Palette, Two Spaces, Two Budgets

Hello! Just wanted to post really quickly with an example of how one color palette can be used in two different spaces and two different budgets. I put together the color palette below for someone that requested a natural, yet modern, look.

These colors may be altered by your screen. Please view them in person before purchasing.

In the first space I used the color palette for an apartment that came mostly furnished. The budget for this space was around $1600. Click HERE to find the sources for the items below.

In the second space I have again used this color palette for a living room. The budget was more substantial for this space. Click HERE to find the sources for the pieces below.

All of the sources for both of the spaces can be found on my You can find my commissionable links there, or you can click on either picture to be taken there directly.

Easter Basket Gift ideas for Teens

Teen Easter Basket Gift Guides

I’ve put together two teen Easter basket gift guides for you. Our 16 and 19 year olds gave me some great recommendations to share. Shopping for teens can be tricky, so we’ve taken all of the guess work out. You can find each of these gift guides over on my page with commissionable links to everything you need for your favorite teen’s Easter basket.

Click HERE (or click on the picture below) to access our Teen Boy Easter Basket Gift Guide

Click HERE (or click on the picture below) to access our Teen Girl Easter Basket Gift Guide. Our daughter recommends the small kitchen appliance that you see. She thinks other teen girls would also enjoy using it!

I’d love to hear if you have any other teen Easter recommendations. Let me know in the comments below!