Americana Interior Design style

Today I want to share with you a little about the interior design style called “Americana.” Americana style has made an enormous surge in popularity this year. But make no mistake, it is a classic design style and never really goes out of style.

Americana interior design
You can click this photo to shop the commissionable links for the items pictured.

What is Americana? Americana is actually quite a broad category of interior design. It can encompass everything from coastal Nantucket to Native American to colonial farmhouse styles. Sometimes you will find touches of each of them crossing over to each other.

This is a new kitchen made to look old. Source for photo HERE.

Americana styles of furniture can be both rough and rustic and also lean towards early American styles. You will often find a mixture of dark wood stains with some painted wood pieces. You won’t often find light wood tones in the Americana style. Americana furniture lines will almost always be very traditional rather than contemporary.

Fabrics in the Americana style will also be traditional. Southwest Americana designs often mix leather and fabrics featuring Native American designs. Coastal and farmhouse Americana styles often use grain sack, ticking, natural unbleached fibers, and chambray or denim.

Source for photo HERE.

When decorating in the Americana style, American and state flag motifs are often used on accent pieces and artwork. Other patriotic symbols can be used as well. Rugs are often made of hides or natural fiber materials.

Photo source: Pinterest. Original source unknown.

Overall, Americana is a casual, lived-in interior design style. These spaces are inviting and relaxing.

You can click the photo above to find commissionable links for the pieces pictured.

Ralph Lauren is one example of a designer with Americana style interiors. You can find many of his Americana interior design images on Pinterest or Google. Below are three books that I recommend if you are interested in seeing and learning more about Americana interior design. You can click on the captions to purchase them through Amazon or you can find them on my HERE.

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