Koi Fish Dresser

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve painted furniture, and this dresser has been in my garage for just as long. In true Abby fashion, I came up with a complicated design. This dresser will eventually end up in our master closet after we install an organizational system. For now, it’s in our master bedroom.

There’s a reason why I never wanted to take custom furniture orders. Because I’ve never done a piece that ended up like I pictured it. This one included. I originally asked my Instagram followers to help me choose a pattern for inside the drawers. But two days later when I went to purchase the winning pattern, the website was being really sketchy. So I ended up going with this koi pattern from a different website, Zazzle.com. I’m kind of glad it worked out that way because I love the koi pattern.

I selected a dark navy paint for the body of the dresser, and it turned out lighter than I wanted. I thought it might darken up after I waxed it, but no, it didn’t. That’s okay, too, because this blue goes well with the tone of the green I painted inside the drawers. I already had the green paint, but I also considered a coral color.

I had just enough leftover koi paper to insert it into a frame that I already had in this spot. New art, I love it! The green lamp was from Samantha’s room before we gave it a makeover. It will be a fun pop of color when this goes in our closet.

This dresser was the very last piece of furniture I purchased specifically to paint. There are no more pieces to paint in the garage, and I don’t intend on getting any. On my to-do list are things like getting an organizational system for the closet and painting our bedroom. (It’s 14 ft x 27 ft, so I am dreading that.) Social media shows fast, all in one sitting makeovers, but I really think most people do things little by little.

Have a great weekend! We’re headed to the rodeo later today. Yee haw!

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