Our Favorite Gluten Free Products

Food at our house can be a headache. Our daughter is highly allergic to many fruits and all nuts that grows on trees. Ken is gluten intolerant. Between the two of them, food gets really restrictive around here. If you have a gluten allergy or just choose to eat gluten-free for health reasons, then you know that finding gluten free products that taste good can be a challenge.

At some point I will share a few recipes that we’ve adapted to be gluten free over the years, but I thought I might share a handful of gluten free items you can buy at the store that actually taste really good.

First up, is the gluten free cauliflower pizza from Aldi. It’s priced around $6.99 at our local store, and it goes out of stock quickly. When it’s in stock, we usually buy several and put the extras in our freezer. (It’s a refrigerated pizza. You’ll find it in the refrigerated section of the store.) We like this pizza because it tastes like a normal thin crust pizza. Don’t be fooled by the smell when it’s cooking. Yes, it smells like cauliflower while it’s in the oven. But trust me, it does not taste like it at all. Jackson is probably our pickiest eater, and he says it tastes like normal pizza. He eats it, too!

Next, is my personal favorite. I am not gluten free, (I love BREAD!) but I buy these Absolutely Gluten Free flatbread crackers for myself. I could eat the whole box. In one sitting. I. love. them. Especially the “everything” flavor. We buy them at our local Publix grocery store.

The Good Thins crackers are Ken’s favorite crackers. He eats them with everything from hummus to guacamole. I am not positive that all of the flavors in this line are gluten free, but I know that several are, including the corn flavor that Ken likes.

We really like the Nature’s Path Dark Chocolate Chip gluten free waffles. They come in a couple of flavors. Since Ken doesn’t eat bread, and we haven’t found a gluten free bread that we like, he will use the plain waffles to make a peanut butter sandwich. We buy these at Publix.

One of Ken’s favorite gluten free products is the Krusteaz gluten free brownie mix. Ken is a brownie connoisseur. He is not a dessert person, but brownies are his thing! Follow the directions on the box, and these will turn out just like regular brownies. A lot of gluten free dessert alternatives use nut flour, which we can’t have in the house due to Samantha’s life-threatening allergies. So these brownies are a good dessert alternative for Ken. We buy this at Publix, but it can probably be found in most stores.

The last gluten free item that I’m going to mention today are the KIND protein bars. They are not cheap, but Ken really enjoys them. We usually go through 2 boxes a week. Sometimes grabbing something filling on the go when you’re gluten-free can be difficult. This is his go-to, grab and go item. These can be found in most stores.

All of these items were gluten free at the time I am publishing this post. If you have any gluten allergies or Celiac disease, I definitely recommend double checking the labels.

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