Budget Friendly Porch Makeover

If you are refreshing or redecorating any outside space, the perfect time to do so is after the 4th of July. As soon as Independence Day is over, retailers shift gears into back-to-school, fall, and Halloween. Everything is deeply discounted at stores and online. Everything that I added to our porch this year was on clearance.

Our local Homegoods has a corner of the store with miscellaneous clearance items. I found these outdoor throw pillows that ended up being $4.50 each. The navy seat cushions were $10 each. And the rug was a great deal, too. To compare, a nationwide big box store also had their outdoor cushions on clearance, but their “clearance” price was $35 for one seat cushion.

Lowe’s Home Improvement had an incredible selection of outdoor items on clearance. Most of their throw pillows ranged from $4-$6. Since I already purchased some, I skipped on those. But I did pick up a white garden stool/side table from Lowe’s. They also had plants on clearance. I picked up some 8 packs of Caladiums for $3 each. That’s like $0.38 each! It doesn’t cool off in our area until November, so these still have several months until they don’t look good anymore.

Hosta, Creeping Jenny, Polka Dot Plant, and Caladium

Other places where I found outdoor clearance items were World Market and Hobby Lobby. The wreath on the front door was originally $70 at Hobby Lobby, and I picked it up for $17.50.

The one change that I made to the front porch that wasn’t a clearance item was to paint the ceiling Haint Blue. Painting porch ceilings Haint Blue is a southern tradition. I’ll be blogging more about that soon, but I have to say that I abosolutely love it. If I was only able to make one change, I’d pick painting the ceiling.

From Homegoods: White Lantern, Pillows, Cushions, rug.

From Lowe’s: Plants, white garden stool.

From World Market: Small blue lantern.

From Hobby Lobby: Wreath.

Everything else we already owned.

Plants in front of our porch create privacy from the street.

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