Patriotic Mantel Ideas

When I see stars and stripes, I think of summer: Fireworks and fireflies, Red stripes on flags and stripes of red ketchup on hot dogs. I love combining summer décor with patriotic décor in my house to create a look that lasts all season long.

Beginning with Memorial Day and then through Flag Day and Independence Day we can find red, white, and blue in everything from snow cones to beach towels. It only makes sense to bring those colors inside as well.
Flags and stars are obvious choices, but a patriotic feel can also be achieved by grouping red, white, and blue objects.

Antique red books, white seashells, and blue jars help create a more interesting take on the colors of our flag.

“Shop” your own home to find red, white, and blue objects to create a unique look. Once you have colors in mind, walk through the rooms of your house and objects will jump out at you. Don’t you just love this patriotic banner? I found it at World Market. (love them!)

I also love this clock from Kohl’s, don’t you?! 

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2 thoughts on “Patriotic Mantel Ideas

  1. Hi there, Donna! Thanks for the feedback. I've added another picture that shows more of the mantel. It's tough getting mantel pictures with a mirror above. 😉


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