Basic Tools You’ll Need for Repurposing & Upcycling

I’ve always been fiercely independent. It drives my husband nuts. He is a “helper.” Which is sweet. Really, it is. But I can do it myself, thank you very much. I’m not going to wait for someone to hang the picture frame on the wall when I can do it myself. I think this also shocks the people at my grocery store. I don’t want their help. I don’t want them to unload my cart on to the belt. I don’t want them to push my cart out to my car. It’s not a control thing (NOT.A.WORD.). It’s a “If I can do it myself, why do I need you to do it for me?” thing. Don’t get me wrong; I want to be treated like a lady. And sometimes it is nice to hear the offer to help. But I’m not helpless. Give me a hammer, y’all. I’ll figure it out.

So I have my own tools. They’re pink. I know, I know! But the reason that I like them this color is because I know where my tools are. I can find my hammer very easily. And I certainly see when someone else is using my flat head screwdriver. I do not walk around the garage muttering that “I can’t find anything around here.” I know where my pink stuff is.

I haven’t done any big carpentry projects. And as of right now, I don’t really have a desire to do so. I love repurposing and upcycling things and bringing new life to them. I love taking the slightly broken or no longer wanted and doing something creative with it. There are some tools that I use over and over again in my projects. I thought it might be useful for someone that is thinking about actually making one of those great Pinterest projects, to have a few things on hand that they might need. So here is my list! Enjoy!

A good staple gun. 

We had a staple gun. But it was the cheapest, most basic model that they make. And if that works for you, use it. But as often as I use a staple gun, which is very often, I upgraded to a nicer one that wasn’t going to bruise my hand as badly.

This is the staple gun that I have. I love it. It makes me happy.

Two screwdrivers – a Flat Head and a Phillips. 

You obviously need these for removing and inserting screws. But you’ll use them for a million other things. For example, a flat head screwdriver is a must when removing staples from the bottom of a chair or the back of a picture frame.


Oddly, I don’t use the hammer a lot for hammering nails into projects. Can you believe it? But I do end up using it as a tool. I use it a lot to remove nails, or to hang something on the wall.


It doesn’t matter to me what kind. I end up using them a lot when taking something apart. If nails or staples get stuck, the pliers are your go-to tool.


Measuring tape, stick, wand, ruler

Basically, something to measure with. I have a metal 24″ ruler that I bought years ago for my drafting class in college. I love it because I can cut against it with a box cutter or Xacto knife. I also use a traditional measuring tape.
All of those things can be found in a kit just like this. If you’re a guy reading this, ignore the pink.
Now here are the random other things that I have just found myself using. A lot.
  • High Temp Hot Glue and Gun
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Clear Strong Craft Glue
  • Wire Cutters
  • Masking Tape
  • Scrapbooking Cutter, Box Cutter, or Xacto knife
  • Basic Painting Supplies

If you have these basic things on hand, you should be prepared for a myriad of Pinterest projects, or perhaps, one that you’ve seen here on Belle & Beau Antiquarian. Hope this was helpful!


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