Enough is Enough (Christmas Decorations)

Every year I tell myself that I’m not going to buy anymore Christmas decorations. But this year is the first year that I’ve actually followed through on my promise to myself. The problem is that I have an obnoxious amount of holiday decorations. Not just Christmas ones, either. I know it comes from the interior designer in me. I absolutely love to create little holiday themed vignettes around the house. But at one point I looked at the number of Rubbermaid bins full of decorations and I said to myself, “Enough is enough.”

So, so far this year, no “new” decorations. But I have still felt the urge to change things up and set up different decorations. What I’ve done instead is to use what I already have on hand and repurpose it. I want to show you a couple of the things I have put together. I’m so happy with they way they turned out.

First I decided to use an antique style toolbox. I loved the style of it when we were browsing in an antique store months ago, and I picked it up. Yes, even though we sell antiques, we still shop at other antique stores. (Shout out to Countryside Antiques in Braselton!)

Along with the toolbox, I got some cuttings left over from the Christmas tree, a string of white lights that we already owned, and some cinnamon scented pine cones. Okay, so technically the pine cones were new, but they are not an item that will be going into the Rubbermaid bins. And since we do not have any pine trees in our neighborhood, purchasing these was a must. And if you’re wondering, they’re from Walmart. One bag is simply scented pine cones. The other bag is scented pine cones with some of them painted in glitter and chunks of scented potpourri thingies.

Next, I simply cut the Christmas tree branches to the size that I wanted so that they could fit into the toolbox.

Then I simply wrapped and wove the lights into the branches.

The branches with lights go into the box and the pine cones are placed on top.

It looks so pretty at night, and it smells divine!

Here is another project that I did using similar materials. Instead of Christmas tree lights and a toolbox, I used candles and an old Coke crate. This one didn’t cost a dime, since I used some of the pine cones from the other project.

With both of the projects use good judgement about safety. Unplug the lights when you’re not at home and attend to the candles when they’re lit.
I love the magic of Christmas and I hope you are inspired to create something special of your own.


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