Right Place, Right Time

I had every intention of working out today. I really did. But this whole “running a business” thing keeps interrupting my play time. It is really more than a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 thing. It’s actually a lifestyle, a mindset. It doesn’t really “turn off” on Friday at 5 p.m. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE IT!!!! I’m just trying hard here to rationalize why I didn’t exercise today.

So today I had to drive across town to pick up something for a custom order that I am working on. I decided at the last minute to stop by a certain place to look for “treasures.” On one hand, this place has never produced anything good for me before. On the other hand, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

I didn’t bother to get a shopping cart on my way in. After all, I didn’t expect anything good. I looked around without really looking. And then, it hit me.

Let’s pause there for a moment, shall we? If you’ve ever “treasure hunted,” as I like to call it, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. You look. And you look. And then the next day, you look some more. And then some time in the distant future something good appears before you. It feels like it literally hits you in the face, screaming, “Hey! You! Over here!”

Back to the story: So I’m looking, but not really looking. Just going through the motions so that I can get on with my errand. When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Three Pyrex Cinderella bowls. My pulse quickens. In “the wild” (not at an antique store, Etsy, or EBay), it’s not common to come across one, let alone three. My eyes are wild; I can feel it. I’m looking around at all the unsuspecting customers, laughing maniacally in my head. “Haha, haha! You have no clue!”, I’m thinking. I grab them and move on.

Next aisle. Disbelief. There before me are THREE more vintage pyrex casserole bowls WITH lids. They look unused. My face is burning hot now. It’s red. Is this happening?!

But now a little bit of panic is setting in. Remember, I didn’t bother to get a shopping cart. I look around. Has anyone noticed me? Was the maniacal laughing actually with my out loud voice? I decide that I just can’t chance it. I have to make a break for the front of the store to retrieve a cart. Pyrex is heavy. It lasts for decades for a reason. Pyrex is bulky. I balance. I use every bit of strength I can, and I’m on the move. But first…a Fire King milk glass divided dish.

I don’t know how I did it. I don’t know if the adrenaline gave me an extra arm. But, somehow I managed to walk to the front of the store without dropping or breaking a piece. And now, for your viewing pleasure:

And THAT is why I love what I do!

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