Working Hard All Day (in my pj’s)

I’m trying to get ready for a fair on Saturday. Today the kids had off from school, so I was in my pj’s until 5 p.m. working at the “frame factory.” Amazingly enough, I *did* get dinner on the table. AND, it even included a vegetable! Ah, small wonders.

These are turning out really cute! In the spirit of Field of Dreams, I keep repeating to myself, “If you make it, they will buy it.” Right? That’s how it works, right? 🙂 The kids have been so funny, trying to decide which one looks the best and is their “favorite.” I love the ways that they support me! Which is something that I totally needed today. It’s been a crazy long weekend. The tip of the iceberg was when I brought both kids to their soccer games wearing the wrong uniforms. And one of them didn’t bring shin guards. (They won’t let you play without them.) So, yes, I really needed a day where I could stay in my pj’s until 5 p.m. Even if I was working hard in the “frame factory” all day. XOXO, Abby

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