A Quick Tour of Historic Homes in Madison, Georgia

Madison, Georgia is a convenient meeting spot for when we want to meet our son, Jackson, for dinner or drop something off without driving all the way to his little college town. Madison is a tiny little city east of Atlanta, easily accessible by I-20 or GA HWY 441. It was spared the wrath of Sherman on his march to Savannah. (Did he really have to burn EVERYTHING?) And it is a stunning showcase of many styles of homes, not just the typical Greek Revival architecture that you’d expect to find in the deep south.

After meeting up with Jackson in Madison this weekend I decided to park and take a stroll to get some pictures to share. The weather was absolutely perfect, and to top it off, the azaleas were in high bloom. Serendipitous! Enjoy my photos below, and be sure to check out the 20th annual Madison Antiques Show & Sale May 20-22, 2021.

The Presbyterian Church
Multiple pictures of this one because I loved it!

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