Wear It Wednesday – Vintage Ralph Lauren Jean Skirt

I forgot to post my Wear It Wednesday outfit last week, so here it is! In a lot of my posts I feature vintage Ralph Lauren pieces. One reason that I love Ralph Lauren is because his clothes are usually classic and timeless. They are also usually made from quality materials such as real wool, cotton, and leather. I feel like I get a lot of value for my money whether I’m buying RL new or used. However, a word of caution: If it is truly a vintage Ralph Lauren piece, you’ve got to keep in mind that the sizing will be different. Beginning in the 1990s, many companies began to do what is called “vanity sizing.” That means that they made their bigger sized clothing labeled with smaller sizes. So, for vanity reasons, you’d want to buy a certain brand because you wore a smaller size in that brand. What that means for me is that while I wear a size 4 in almost all modern made clothing, in vintage Ralph Lauren I might wear a 6 or even an 8.

In this outfit I am wearing a vintage Ralph Lauren jean midi skirt. Here I’m pearing it with boots. It would look nice with flats or even sandals in the summer. My sweater is new from Old Navy. I am really into this ‘pecan” color this year. I sized up in my sweater because I knew I was going to layer it over other shirts. And my shirt I bought new from J. Crew, but about 6+ years ago. (If you follow me on Instagram you saw me buy one very similar lately while thrift shopping. it has some different colors in it, though, and it is made by GAP.)

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Have a great day!


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