Costco Wreath Hack

Last year I posted a picture of how I took my Costco wreath and fancied it up a bit. I did the same thing this year, and a friend suggested that I share my idea with you.

The wreath I made last year!

First of all, let me preface this by saying that Costco wreaths are ahhh.maayy.zing! The greenery is fresh and beautiful. They’ve gone up a few dollars since I started buying them years ago, but I think this year it was still only around $17/wreath. Y’all. There is NO WAY you could make this beautiful wreath yourself for only $17. Let Costco do it for you! There are other companies out there making wreaths that charge triple that amount.

“Before” Here is the Costco wreath before I added anything to it.

One day recently I went to Costco to buy a wreath, and they hadn’t started selling them yet. The next day I saw someone post on Instagram that they were in, so I zoomed on up there. (They sell out fairly quickly at my Costco.) Funny enough, I ran into a group of ladies I know also buying their Costco wreaths, which leads me to my whole point of this post…

Be original and make it your own!

You can find all of the Pumpkin Spice Latte girls with the same. exact. wreath on their door! I want to show you how I make my Costco wreath “my own”, but this is just what I do with mine. Find a way to make yours YOUR own.

I am decorating my wreath the same way I did last year. First of all, I LOVED it, so why change it? Second of all, it was free. I snipped several small branches of magnolia leaves from a nearby tree. And last year I went online and purchased a bag of pheasant feathers. The feathers were not free last year, but before I threw my wreath away I took all of the feathers back off and saved them.

So for this project I used: one Costco wreath, 4-5 snippings of small clusters of magnolia leaves, pheasant feathers, floral wire, and some hot glue. Total cost this year is $17, the cost of the Costco wreath. But last year I bought the feathers, so it was more.

Add the branches and feathers using the floral wire. I used hot glue to make clusters of feathers before adding them to the wreath. Make sure you glue them near the ends/tips and NOT on the feather portion. The hot glue goes right through and will burn. This year I didn’t need to glue them since they were already glued. When you are adding your items, make sure everything keeps going in the same direction. For example, the feathers need to keep pointing in the same direction around the circle. Otherwise it won’t look right.

So now it’s YOUR turn!! Think of what you can add to your Costco wreath to make it even better than it already is! You can use floral wire to add ornaments, bows, faux berries or woodland creatures. You could spray some pinecones with glitter and add more pinecones. You could even add some essential oil drops so that there’s a wonderful scent on the way inside.

Like I mentioned, since my wreath is covered and doesn’t get wet outdoors I am able to easily snip the floral wire with scissors and save the feathers for another use.

I would love for you to leave me a comment to let me know if this helped you or how you decorated your own Costco wreath!

And “after”! with magnolia leaves and pheasant feathers added.

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