Thanksgiving Dinnerware Patterns

Only one holiday comes to mind that is almost entirely centered around the dining table and food: Thanksgiving.

Food is important in all of the holidays we celebrate, but other activities such as church services, gifts, egg hunts, or fireworks also take center stage. But when it’s time for Thanksgiving it’s all about the food. And therefore, I have a love of Thanksgiving plates that the food is placed on. 
There are many vintage china patterns with Thanksgiving or turkey patterns that I admire, but there are some new ones, too. Here are a few of my favorites that I’d like to share with you.
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These plates called His Majesty by Johnson Brothers, England were produced from 1955 – 1983, but reintroduced in 2004. Johnson Brothers seems to have caught on that America loves to put a turkey themed pattern on their Thanksgiving table. They have produced many patterns featuring the bird of the day.

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This Thanksgiving scene in red transferware is very handsome! It’s called Bountiful Harvest by Homer Laughlin. 

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This pattern, called Thanksgiving by Spode, is elegant and formal. 
Blue and white transferware is very popular, but also quite timeless. This is Blue Turkey by Wedgwood. 
Available at Williams Sonoma this year are the Plymouth Turkey and Plymouth Pumpkin patterns, which are very pretty!
The Plymouth Pumpkin plates from Williams Sonoma could be displayed for the entire fall season from Halloween to Thanksgiving. 
What is your favorite Thanksgiving dinnerware pattern? I love discovering new vintage patterns that I’ve never seen before, especially when they’re mixed and matched. Please share yours with me.

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