Six Simple Fall Place Settings


Y’all. It’s September. Okay, nearly October, but still. September. And here I am doing a post on place settings that would most likely be used at Thanksgiving. So much for taking things one day at a time!

Thanksgiving is on my mind today. This year Grammie and Papa John (my mom and her husband) won’t be hosting Thanksgiving as usual since they’ll be traveling. So I have volunteered to have my siblings and their families to our home for The Feast. The meal is a no brainer, and I’ve actually cooked several turkeys throughout the years. If you’re interested in seeing what we’ll most likely be eating, check out this post here.

I want to make our time together as an extended family special, but I am also currently on a fixation to simplify and keep things relaxed. Ken is in law enforcement and doesn’t get Christmas off this year, so I really want Thanksgiving to be nice. (Stressed out Abby does not make for a nice Thanksgiving for Ken.)

Am I the only person that now uses Pinterest to “google” things more than I use Google? I found six place settings on Pinterest that I know I could very easily pull off without stressing out. Despite having a borderline unhealthy passion for dishes, I’m going to keep things basic this year. All of these place settings can use everyday white or cream dishes. Of course, you could use all sorts of colors and patterns. But just to show you, you don’t have to go out and get special dishes just for Thanksgiving dinner.

Things don’t get much simpler than this! A white plate, linen napkin, small pumpkin, and a printed out tag. You could even skip the tag, and it would be lovely. Source: here.

Again, very simple. Simply take leaves from your yard and spray them with gold spray paint. I made these last year. Just a tip to flatten your leaves before you spray them. I tried to find the original source; I think this is it.
I’m crushing hard on this one. Use fresh rosemary springs and twine to make a small fragrant wreath. You can find fresh rosemary at the grocery store if you don’t have a plant. Source: here.
In the South we call these gumballs. Does everyone? You might as well use these to make something beautiful, because they sure don’t feel pretty when you step on them. Source: here.
A small piece of twine and a piece of wheat. You can find dried wheat at Michael’s. I’ve recently found it at Publix. So simple, but also so “harvest and Thanksgiving.” Love it. Source: here.
Finally, this is just as simple as the others, but it just looks so elegant. Aren’t artichokes beautiful? Source: here.

I haven’t decided which one I’ll use this year. Who knows, we may just break out the Chinet and plastic forks. Probably not, but what really matters is that we’re together, and we’re thankful.

“Give thanks in all circumstances. For this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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