Happy New Year: A Thrill of Hope

2013 was a struggle. (This is the part of blogging that is hard for me. I’m private, and being transparent doesn’t come naturally.)

So it was a struggle. In many areas. But wasn’t it for everyone? Didn’t we all struggle with something? Mama said there’d be days like this, so I know you had at least one day this year you struggled with. I personally had quite a few.

It means a lot to me that New Year’s comes directly after we celebrated the birth of our Savior. A child born to save us. He came to Earth as a child to live a perfect life that we might follow his example. He came to save us. At the end of 2013, is there anything you need to be saved from? At the end of the year I can reflect and see that I need to be saved from fear of finances, insecurity of my abilities, judgment of others.

Wonderful Counselor. THE mighty God. The everlasting Father. The Prince of Peace. PRINCE OF PEACE shouts to me. Not the kind of peace of “love not war,” but inner peace. Peace within that calms anxiety and fear, prejudice and judgment, resentment and anger. Peace that will flow from me in such a way that others can’t help but see deep joy, love, and true acceptance. At the end of my year and at the cusp of my new beginning I can see that Jesus was sent to bring a new beginning. One filled with peace.

A thrill of HOPE. 2014 brings me a thrill of hope. Without hope there is no “Jesus take the wheel.” Jesus is my hope that 2014 will bring things that are better. I’m weary. Aren’t you? Because I put my hope in Jesus I can REJOICE! I can take all of the things that don’t give me peace, and I can say, “Here, Lord, you take them. You direct me in my new year. I trust you in my new year.”

There are some people close to me that are adamantly opposed to any belief in God. They struggle with addiction, illness, chaos. I love these people dearly. But I see the lack of hope. When you don’t Believe, you are taking all of the responsibility on your shoulders to change your life on your own. How can someone possibly have hope to heal mental illness themselves? Or alcoholism? When we believe in God we can truly rejoice in the thrill of hope that He is in control, our Prince of Peace, THE MIGHTY GOD.


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