Thanks, Y’all. (And merci, too!)

There is not a tutorial enclosed in this blog. Nor are there any fancy pictures. Just me.

I have to admit that often when I blog it seems like my “inside voice.” Thoughts on paper, er, internet paper, are still just thoughts, right? It’s always kind of surreal (and so encouraging) to have someone come up to me and mention that they have actually read a certain blog post. (I always think afterwards that I must’ve reacted like a deer in headlights. LOL)

The truth is, while I say a lot on my blog, I’m quite a private person. So it has taken me out of my comfort zone (in a good way) to put my thoughts “out there.”

Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting (which is so encouraging). Thanks to all of the people who encourage me in person. It’s truly, truly appreciated.

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