Southern Thanksgiving Menu: 10 Recipes for your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is almost here and my big, Southern family is getting ready for a day of food, laughter, and time spent together. We all gather at our momma’s house, everyone bringing food to contribute to the meal. Each of us has “perfected” a certain dish, and it goes without saying what we will contribute to the menu.

While the recipes below are not our own, here is a menu reminiscent of what we traditionally enjoy each year.

1. Herb-Roasted Turkey – The star of our meal is our Herb-Roasted Turkey. With 4 kids and 5 grandkids, our delicious bird is big and never disappoints. 
2. Corn Pudding – A traditional southern dish, this is a family favorite. Rarely is there any left over.
3. Cranberry Sauce – A tart addition to the menu, everyone looks forward to this dish on our table.
4. Southern Cornbread Dressing – In the south our menu includes this recipe in place of stuffing. It is a blend of flavors that is sure to please everyone. Dressing recipes and techniques are handed down and sought after.
5. Green Bean Casserole – No matter where you go, this Thanksgiving classic is sure to be found on the table.
6. Southern Macaroni & Cheese – We are not talking Kraft in a box. Southern mac & cheese is an art form. Ingredients vary widely. Recipes are guarded and coveted. Southern mac & cheese is sophisticated and adored. Often unexpected ingredients are what takes this dish to another level.
7. Sweet Potato Casserole – Sweet Potatoes are grown all over the south, and it’s no surprise that sweet potato dishes traditionally cover our Thanksgiving tables. This dish is expected on a southern Thanksgiving menu.
8. Southern Coconut Cake – Walking in the door with a prized coconut cake is a head-turning event at any Thanksgiving gathering. This traditional southern dessert is a crowd pleaser.
9. Pecan Pie – We know how to pronounce it. We know how to bake it. But most importantly, we know how to eat it. We love our pecans in the South!
10. Pumpkin Pie – Last but not least, the traditional pumpkin pie! This one is a shoo-in favorite!

We wish you peace, blessings, company, and love this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for your support of our blog, and other endeavors.
From our big southern family to you, Happy Thanksgiving!
Belle & Beau


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