Fall Table Setting

If you’ve been around for a while, then you know that I like to use the color blue in fall decorating. (I wrote a whole post on it HERE.) Part of the reason blue sneaks its way into really every seasonal decorating I do is that I love collecting blue and white dishes. I’m using what I have! LOL

This fall is no different! I was setting a table for fall, and I decided to use these Chinese Bird plates (3 men version) by Adams China. I was about to say that these aren’t particularly old, but then I realized that they’re almost 50 years old. That’s definitely not new, lol. I am a big fan of actually using china and not just keeping it tucked away safely. I hand wash them because dishwasher detergent is abrasive, but there’s no danger in using a pretty plate on your table.

It does feel a little odd setting a table for fall when it’s been mid-90s for months now. Atlanta has been breaking record high temperatures for almost the whole month of September. It’s said that fall is the southerner’s reward for surviving summer. But, honestly, at this point I’m not “surviving” very gracefully. The Atlanta forecast shows 90 degree temperatures through the first week of October, and I’m a little cranky about it.

I definitely may not feel like fall, but here’s to a happy one anyway!

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