Summer Bucket List & Atlanta Summer Bucket List

We are gearing up for SUMMER! Fall is my favorite season, but summer is close to my heart. It’s my time to spend with my kids — making memories, reinforcing values, focusing on Christ-like behavior and studying His word, and family bonding time.

We sat down the other night and made a list of the special things we wanted to do this summer. Then I put them all together to hang on on fridge.

Here’s our Summer Bucket List:


  • Vacation
  • Sleepovers
  • Catch Fireflies
  • $1 Movies
  • Baseball Games
  • Homemade Ice Cream
  • Night Swimming
  • Play in the Rain
  • Watch Fireworks
  • Water Park
  • Ride Roller Coasters
  • Outdoor Concert
  • Read Good Books
  • Ice Cream for dinner
  • Hikes
  • Go to the Park
  • Play in the Sprinkler
  • Make Lemonade
  • Family Time
  • Build a Fort
  • Outdoor Movies
  • Make Popsicles
  • Bowling and Laser Tag
  • Family Game Night
  • Laser Show

    I also made an Atlanta Summer Bucket List.

    // can print either of them by right clicking on the picture. Enjoy!
    Happy Summer!

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