Memorial Day 2020

There are things I love about every season, but summer is when I’m happiest. Fall and winter have so many fun holidays and traditions, but our schedules are hectic during those times of year. Summer is a lot slower for us.

I think most southerners move a lot slower in the summer, mainly due to the heat. It’s the season of porch sittin’, tea sippin’, and lake fishin’. Yes, we’re going to complain about the heat, but we are born for this.

For our family, summer has traditionally kicked off with the Dacula Memorial Day parade and 5k. The 5k race kicks off the high school cross country season, which means our kids spend the next 6 months running with a great group of students and coaches. It also means our kids have had to be at practice by 7 am, 6 days a week, during the summer. Early, but the friendships made and the character built during those mornings will last a lifetime.

During this pandemic things are looking a lot different. Not only will Memorial Day be different, our whole summer is looking like it will be different, too. No parade or race. No officially running together as a team. It’s leaving a hole. We’ll find something else to do on Monday, Memorial Day, but we hope next year both the parade and 5k race will be back.

Here’s wishing you a safe Memorial Day. We are thankful for those who gave their lives for our country so that we still have freedom to exercise our rights and liberties. May we always appreciate the sacrifices and work to protect what they gave their lives for.

Summer Backdrop Playlist

I put together a playlist that I enjoy listening to as a “backdrop” during the summertime. My Thanksgiving playlist has been getting quite a few views, so I thought that I might share this one as well.

Just a note that this is a growing, changing playlist. I may add to it or change it if the feeling arises. Also, you may notice a mix of genres and styles. I enjoy all kinds of music from country to R & B. Don’t rush to dismiss a song on the playlist just because it’s from a genre that you don’t normally listen to. I try to stick with similar tempos, themes, and moods. I try my best to make a playlist that sticks with a vibe instead of a genre. So, enjoy it.

This playlist can be found on Apple Music and Spotify.